Places to Stay... Gulf Coast

While planning your vacation or just a quick getaway to the beach enjoy these places to stay.

Discover Florida's Gulf Coast!

If you've visited Florida in the past, chances are you've left your mark behind in the form of a footprint in the sand.

From sea oat-covered beaches to the soft sands reminiscent of confectioner's sugar found southwest, the Sunshine State is a beach lover's paradise.

But, which beach best suits you and/or your family? It's almost guaranteed that along Florida's Gulf Coast, there is sand that will bring a smile to your face.

Florida's Gulf Coast

Florida's Beach, as one imagines it, awaits on the Gulf of Mexico as St. Petersburg/Clearwater (Pinellas County). Off the west coast of Pinellas County, Florida you'll find several barrier Islands. These natural islands are connected together by a stretch of road called Gulf Boulevard...Gulf Boulevard spans from the North, Clearwater Beach to the South, St. Pete Beach. While traveling this very scenic route you will have the opportunity to explore the white sand and sparkling waters these communities have to offer.

Have you ever visited a destination that was so beautiful it just astounded you?

Have you seen a sunset so bright and vibrant that mere words couldn't describe it?

If you answered no to either question - you haven't seen Sarasota County!

Found on Florida's west coast between Tampa to the north and Fort Myers to the south along the Gulf of Mexico, visitors soon discover a modern day utopia.


In today's busy world an emphasis is being placed on awareness. Life coaches and self-help gurus try to encourage us to become aware of ourselves, and the world that surrounds us.

Along Florida's Southwest Coast, being aware has always been the focus. Visitors arrive to the area knowing they've found a serene paradise where shells are gathered on the beach and sunsets are the best way to say goodbye to the day.